For three generations the De Remigis Dairy Farm has been able to promote and draw people’s attention to Abruzzo’s traditional dairy products. The pastures’ flavours arrive on your tables in the form of De Remigis’ cheeses and dairy products through the quality of the milk, the careful supervision of the production chain, the freshness of the products, and the care for innovation.
De Remigis offers the consumer a simple, yet very high quality, product. The family-run business has been able to maintain the traditional methods that Romualdo De Remigis used when he began producing dairy products, over thirty years ago. Today, it is up to his niece and nephew, Alessandra, Marco and Silvia, to continue the tradition that Romualdo initially passed on to his son Sergio. Savouring Abruzzo’s traditional products means rediscovering the taste of milk, the scent of pastures, the fragrance of the mountains, satisfying both soul and palate.